Dive into our diverse range of our captivating “SS & Copper Serveware” category, featuring exquisite items like antique copperware, vintage SS collection, and advanced SS serveware.

Enhance your culinary presentation with our versatile SS serving kadai, perfect for serving all types of dishes be it portion or gravy dishes. The double-layered design ensures prolonged heat retention, offering both functionality and style. The innovation doesn’t stop there – our double-wall portion serving options add a touch of neatness to your table. Explore the allure of our gold salad bowl and stainless-steel serving platter, blending aesthetics with practicality. The heavy stainless-steel pan and small copper serving pans guarantee durability for prolonged use. The timeless charm of our pure copper kadai is a classic addition to any table.


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Orchid Dinex "SS & Copper Serveware" is not just visually appealing; it's a mark of reliability. Ideal for commercial use, these products boast a robust construction ensuring longevity. Elevate your tables and dining space with Orchid Dinex.