Inductions represent the latest advancement in the hospitality industry, revolutionizing traditional heating and cooking methods. In today’s fast-paced culinary landscape, commercial inductions have emerged as indispensable tools, setting new standards of efficiency and precision in the hospitality business. Our extensive range of high-quality Induction systems caters to a variety of culinary settings, from buffets in restaurants to other catering operations.

At Orchid Dinex, we understand the importance of reliable equipment in a fast-paced cooking environment. That’s why our imported induction technology sets the standard for excellence, delivering precise heating and unmatched durability. Whether you’re in search of buffet induction systems for versatile food service or Dinex Commercial Induction cook tops for high-volume cooking, we have the perfect solution for you. Our induction units are available in different sizes, with infrared features, toughened glass cooktops, and various voltage and frequency options to suit your specific needs.

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