Petye Porcelain Crockery by Orchid Dinex is renowned for its unparalleled anti-chip quality and remarkable longevity. This unique porcelain dinnerware will elevate every restaurant or café table setting, perfectly combining style and functionality.
Our Petye Porcelain crockery is made with high-quality fine porcelain and is alumina-infused, making it strong and durable. It is made with European technology and has a reinforced rolled edge and entire body glazed, making it scratch and stain-resistant.
With its unique features, Petye Porcelain Crockery comes in six lovely colors: Whiteware, Rustic White, Jade, Terracotta, Apatite, and Organic Apatite. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, every color makes a statement in fine dining utensils, fostering an upscale yet welcoming atmosphere.

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Petye 8” Qtr. Plate | Dinnerware Crockery

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