Our Products are manufactured with extra strength and durability which is required for maximum performance, however please follow these instructions for better life of the product:

    1. Storage/ Handling

        • Do not store or keep Metal Utensils with Ceramic Crockery as it can scratch glazed body.

        • Don’t scrape off leftovers – wipe.

        • Clean with Cloth. Don’t use Metal Scrubber.

        • Use cutlery that is of a high grade steel as a minimum requirement. As some cutlery in use today is made from low-grade steel, which being soft in nature increases the chance of metal marking.


    2. For Melamine Crockery

        • Microwave Safe, Do not put inside oven.

        • Please use sponge and neutral dishwashing liquid.

        • No Bleach, No Metal Brush.

        • Food Safe, Not recommend as cookware.


    3. For Glassware

        • Always wash new glasses before first use.

        • Hand wash glasses individually.

        • Do not soak with other glasses to reduce the chance of mechanical shock.

        • Use a suitable detergent and warm water with a non abrasive sponge or cloth.