Dinnerware melamine crockery is gaining popularity, and for good reason. Why? Melamine products today are not just heat- and fire-resistant. They are practically durable, strong, and easy to keep clean, but they also provide as a beautiful substitute for high-end porcelain and ceramic. If you want some stylish but contemporary melamine café
crockery, or melamine restaurant crockery to enhance the service of your establishment, we at Orchid Dinex are here to assist you.

We are one of the leading suppliers of hotel supplies, and we can meet all of your needs for any kind of HORECA business, catering and service requirements. We offer India-wide distribution of our premium dinex melamine items.

Let’s take a step back and ask, “What is melamine exactly?” Melamine is a natural, nitrogen-rich organic compound used to produce kitchenware, stuff like plates and plastic products. Our rustic melamine crockery has resin which increases its more durable and break-proof than conventional plastic utensils, making melamine plates and crockery are more appealing. Our food grade café/restaurant colored melamine crockery is resilient to the stresses of regular use and is also more durable over time in terms of wear, misuse, and scratching. Our offerings, which include melamine salad bowls, melamine fruit platters, Melamine catering platters and serving platters will never dissatisfy you. Perfect for indoor and outdoor gatherings colored melamine crockery and serve ware are more affordable than pricey porcelain and earthenware. The utensils may be used for indoor and outdoor meals.

Melamine serving platter is perfect for outdoor gatherings, including barbecues, poolside dining, patio parties, and yes, even weddings. Both melamine café crockery and melamine restaurant crockery from the Orchid Dinex brand are available in a wide range.

Efay melamine dinnerware offers refinement and utility at a reasonable price and is elegant. And since melamine catering platters is pretty sturdy, it may be utilized for formal occasions like weddings and dinner parties. It also makes wonderful wedding presents, gifts for couples buying their first home, and gifts for parents with young children who value throwing elegant dinner parties for their guests without sacrificing comfort.

Tableware made of melamine comes in a range of hues, shapes, and patterns. Melamine plates decorated with tropical foliage or handmade floral serving ware Enjoy elegant entertaining with our beautiful plates and platters from variety of patterns available in our melamine big bowls and platter collection. With our fashionable coloured melamine dinnerware and stylish rustic melamine dinnerware sets, you may host a sizable gathering. For melamine tableware, you are free to express yourself anyway you choose. Easy to clean and safe for the dishwasher Cleaning up after using our efay melamine tableware is quick and simple. Melamine GN pan is nonporous, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Melamine dinnerware is also suitable for the top and bottom racks of the dishwasher facilitating effortless dining and entertaining.

We use high quality melamine, the components are shaped to produce food-safe plastic. Consequently, it is fine china that can be used in a conventional oven and microwave. use. Because the plastic is acceptable for food, feeding meals to a large number of people is completely risk-free. Consequently, it is a reasonable choice for a party. coordinator or caterer reasonable pricing is essential. Dishes made of melamine are both affordable and stylish. When contemplating one may worry about the cost given the finish and features, yet it is an fantastic bargain for those looking for bulk catering services and restaurants. And the best part is these are more affordable than porcelain and bone china.