Both the beverages and the methods used in bars have been continuously evolving. Having the right bar accessories and equipment makes things much easier and more efficient, even if knowledge and skills are certainly crucial in any bar. Having the right tools such as dedicated
drinkware and barware may make things easier for you because delivering outstanding service is a crucial component of your organization.
Orchid Dinex provides everything you need if you’re looking for practical yet stylish barware, accessories and equipment to enhance the service at your establishment.


The equipment is always the key to a great cocktail; it is necessary for mixing and creating a stunning drink. Every bar needs bar tools, which include bar spoons, strainers, and specialized shakers and wine openers. They don’t have to be straightforward or dull, even if they could be basic or common demands. Your bar may include stylish equipment that will make preparing drinks even more fun, from unique shakers to artistic wine openers!

Having simple yet unusual bar equipment is certain to assist your establishment since making inventive drinks with the best instruments will astound your visitors.

Beer Dispensers and buckets for serving chilled drinks and beverages in a unique personalized way. Ice buckets may always be used to quickly serve your customers a cold beverage. Although these buckets are common in bars, ice kits are a fantastic addition to think about for your business. Any mixologist looking to make their drink more aesthetically pleasing may find an ice kit to be a fantastic solution. By offering unique cocktails with creative ice cube shapes, you may wow your consumers. With a custom ice kit, you may be as inventive as you like, using everything from crushed ice and spherical molds to floral shapes and lengthy cubes.

Beer dispensers are used by many food service establishments to provide soft drinks and flavor-infused carbonated water. Customers may add different infusions to their beverages utilizing the popular feature known as flavor shots. While drop-in models that fit into a counter or stand are also available, most beer dispensers are countertop devices. Most dispensers can store and dispense ice in addition to serving cold beverages due to their construction. These are excellent for any bar, pub, or buffet caterer and may also be utilized as a decorative element for a buffet display because they are so eye-catching.

A group of friends or family may also use them as private dispensers for each table, which will be much more handy and pleasant for them because they won’t have to get up to get another glass or serving, which they will undoubtedly love, and they won’t take up much room either.
Antique copper drinkware can also be used for special drinks and servings.


The baseline for all bars is usually a stemless wine glass, but if you’re feeling particularly inventive, think about using specialized or unusual wine glasses or cocktail and mocktail glasses like mason jars. It’s affordable and fun. Given that so many restaurants have raised their game, why should you lag behind in terms of supplying your food or drinks? There are more possibilities for you to think about, such altering a glass with various colors or using innovative glasses with unusual shapes such as our unique San Miguel glassware which can be a stunner to anyone’s eye. Additionally, when served in an equally stunning wine glass, your sophisticated cocktail will be sure to astound your customers, making it the ideal complement to have in your restaurant.