Dinex Woodenware

Incorporating wooden items in your dinnerware will certainly give your area a one-of-a-kind feel. Your visitors will be attracted when they see that they are being served from a wooden bowl or a wooden serving platter. Continue to expand your Dinex woodenware collection to make it more attractive.

Orchid takes great pleasure in our Dinex woodenware and strives to provide the highest quality in the Indian market. We promise that no other piece of wooden serve ware on the market can compete with the integrity and quality of our goods.
We have a reputation for supplying high-quality, long-lasting goods to our clients as one of India’s leading woodenware manufacturers in India and suppliers of wooden items.

Furthermore, all of our products are made in a world-class plant utilizing international quality Acacia wood that meets American and European standards. Our wooden items such as wooden chip & dip platters or wooden risers are all NSF, SGS, and TUV certified for food safety and quality control.

Our goods are recognized for being the best in the industry for woodenware since they are free of cracks and holes and can be used for a lengthy period of time without degradation or the wood’s fibers coming away due to water contact even for the items including wooden cheese boards or wooden crates. It is a natural seasonal wood that can be cleaned without being damaged or deteriorated. Furthermore, you may modify any item in our whole woodenware collection to match your tastes, theme, or cuisine. They are also available in a range of shapes and sizes.

We offer a diverse range of high-quality woodenware, such as woodenware board platters, wooden chip and dip platters, wooden risers, hardwood crates, wooden salad bowls wholesale, wooden cheese boards, wooden serving paddle boards, and woodenware serving platters.

Aside from being beautiful and unique, a wooden platter is also quite utilitarian. Because wood is such a strong and durable material, your wooden plates may outlast your present cookware.

Because wood is a non-conductor by nature, it will not grow very hot when serving a hot meal. You may just hold on to acacia wooden bowls instead of a wooden spoon while cooking to avoid burning your hands. Furthermore, because wood is a natural material, it is non-reactive. Wooden tableware and utensils are not affected by acidic food items.

Germs and bacteria could be naturally eliminated by you. Acacia wooden platter. In comparison to wood, plastic cookware causes germs to grow more quickly. A hardwood plate, similar to a wooden cutting board, can prevent germ development even inside blade lines.

Wooden serving paddle boards offer several benefits when used to serve food, but they may also be utilized in places other than the table. Incorporating wooden kitchenware into your home’s décor may provide a lot of character. Show them off as a centerpiece on a coffee table or a bookcase.

Our handcrafted wooden serving platters provide a refined touch to any dinner or cocktail party, and are perfect for serving salad, dessert, and appetizers. Because of inherent variations in wood texture and color, no two pieces are exactly same. Anyways, add one of our amazing Dinex wooden dishes to your shopping cart.