A crucial trace mineral for our bodies is copper. Since ancient times, it has been used to cure a number of diseases. The human species first learned about metallurgy thanks to antique copperware. It was discovered because of its availability above the earth’s surface and its glossy, brilliant brown color. It was utilized to create swords, jewelry, utensils, tools, and more. Copper has also been employed as a disinfectant in medicine. Its outstanding ability to stop the growth of infections was shortly observed.

One of the first instances of natural health prevention is the use of copper cookware in ayurvedic medicine, which dates back many centuries. Water is a universal supply, and copper is employed because it strengthens the Sattva component.

Table copperware plays a significant role in the HORECA business industry, especially in India. As most of the restaurants and cafes are based on Indian traditional food, copper is widely used by this business for cooking and serving purposes. Copper items such as restaurant copperware are also widely used by catering businesses for various events and gatherings. It goes hand in hand with traditional themed parties and events and makes a great compatible with the Indian food items.

Orchid Dinex houses a vast variety of hotel and catering display and serving solutions. We offer you a variety of table serve ware, dinnerware, and décor option for your table presentation and setting. We have a complete range of antique copperware including copper handi with stainless steel interior plating which is excellent for both cooking and serving. We also have copper glasses and copper mugs.

Copper display items can also be a great addition to the interior and decoration of any place. It enhances the overall look and feels by adding a vintage elegant vibe to the place. These are the best for any restaurant business with a traditional Indian theme. Orchid Dinex also produces and supply a complete range of vintage ss collection including copper décor and display items such as cooper vases, copper centerpieces, copper décor pieces, and much more.

We also house other metal products such as stainless-steel (ss) platters, bowls and dishes which are available in a range of designs and colors.